Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Iqaluit Menus: The Snack & Yummy Shawarma

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot better than a visit to a greasy diner or a pizza place. If you're in the mood for fast food in Iqaluit, there are a couple of options - and they'll deliver too! I had heard of these places, but couldn't find an online menu for the life of me - so I popped in and grabbed their take-out menus so I could show you here.

I'm so nice to my readers, I know. ;)

The Snack has been around years, and I stopped in for lunch the last time I was in Iqaluit, but I wasn't in love with it. However, I have co-workers who live in town and swear that the Chicken Poutine or the Snack Poutine are the best things in the world. (At $20 per poutine, it *better* be amazing!!). I didn't get a chance to go again on this past trip, but maybe they were just having a bad day the afternoon I was there? Anyways, not the cheapest fast food - but they deliver 24 hours a day (at an additional cost, of course) - so if you're hungry and it's late at night, it'll get the job done.

I had heard that Yummy Shawarma was a good place to go if you want inexpensive, fast food. Bearing in mind that it's all relative, of course - inexpensive could mean a meal under $20 in Iqaluit, but it'd mean a meal under $10 at home! I like the fact that Iqaluit has a restaurant selling something different; I'm a fan of international cuisines, so Yummy was on my "must-try" list while we were in town. We ended up picking up lunch on our last day before heading out to the airport, and for $15-ish it was an okay meal. The meat was a little dry (I got a mix of the chicken and the beef since I'm indecisive), but the pitas were fresh and the veggies were crisp. I also ordered a single falafel on the side for a cheap $1.25 - which I normally love - but this one was really dense and incredibly salty, so I'm not sure I'd recommend it. You're probably safest going with one of the shawarmas, or I hear their pizzas are really good.

So if you're in Iqaluit and looking for some fast food - here are a couple of options. They may not be as cheap as a $5 hot & ready from Little Ceasar's, but hey, a $25 medium pizza doesn't seem that bad when you're looking for a taste of home.



  1. The pizzas are great! Bad luck with the dry meat -- I've had many a shawarma there and sometimes they're the best dang shawarmas ever! And I live in Ottawa which is rife with shawarma places. Anyway, thanks for posting the snack menu. I googled for it and got here, so I'll order from them now (because yummy shawarma is closed for the night)


  2. Spending the week in Iqaluit. Restaurants are a bit sparse. Yummy Shawarma pizza last night was excellent - as good as any I have eaten. Delivered hot and fresh by a friendly driver. Trying a shawarma tonight.