Monday, June 10, 2013

More Iqaluit - Sort of like Home?

It's funny how the simple task of running errands, something that is so normal and mundane while in the south, becomes such an enjoyable treat when it's not something you can do everyday. While in Iqaluit, I found myself smiling on a few occasions while I was doing the simplest of tasks - going to the bank, the restaurant, the grocery store...each trip felt like a mini-vacation. Maybe I'm just really easy to please, or maybe it's a sign that Baker Lake needs to grow some more! :)

First off, Iqaluit has 3 banks. 3! We don't have any, so if we want to do anything with our money, it has to be online or face horrible charges at the ATM or through the Northern when they cash a cheque. I happened to have some errands that needed to be done at the RBC, so it was pretty exciting to know that there was one in Iqaluit! Even though there was a long line and I had to wait behind the slowest person in the world, it was still nice to be able to go to the bank when I needed to. Unfortunately while I was there, Jeff called and said that we had more cheques that needed to be deposited, boo! I may have to mail them home and have someone else deposit them for us since I don't have another trip anytime soon.
Iqaluit also has 3 Tim Horton's! They apparently like things in 3 over there! Timmy's is a fairly new phenomenon and it's not really the same as one in the south because they're self-serve. They put the machines in and have the baked goods, but you have to bag the donuts and make your own coffee. I feel like I could work at a Tim's after visiting one of these, since you just push the milk/sugar/cream button the number of times you want it, for the size of cup you have and voila! I don't normally drink coffee, but I felt I had to while I was there so I had it twice on my trip. Once when I had time, I had a French Vanilla cappuccino and read my Kobo (if I didn't look around, I'd swear it felt like I was home for a moment) and then a few of us grabbed coffees on our last day before heading into the office. I even picked up a donut (honey cruller) for Jeff as a treat - it made it to him after a day of traveling without going stale, but it was a little smushed from being in my bag. Oops.
As much as I appreciated the change of scenery for a bit, it was nice to go back to the men in my life at the end of the week. It was also nice that our flights home were on schedule and not too cramped - it was extremely full at the beginning of the week and I wasn't looking forward to a repeat of the sardine experience. Coming back was much roomier and I got to sit by a window which gave me a view of the pretty landscape. It was nice to see the ice melting as we flew towards Baker - I always love the blue and white swirl of snow/ice and water, and it's a nice transition period right now as the water starts peeking through more and more.

Iqaluit may have felt more similar to home with its amenities and good food (and boy, was there good food - I gained 2 pounds in 5 days!! Eek!!), I couldn't have been more happy to get home to Baker Lake. How could I not when this adorable face was waiting for me? :)


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