Monday, September 16, 2013

A Day to Remember

Saturday, September 14th will be remembered as one of the most eventful days in the history of our time in Baker Lake. Not because many different things happened, but the few things that did were of historical significance. First, Pepper. Our favourite Yorkie went under the knife Saturday morning to remove some extra teeth, and received a courtesy neutering at the same time. When I arrived home, I learned that Pepper was confused, disoriented, and walking like he was drunk - amazing how much he resembles his daddy sometimes. :-p

Aww, I need a hug!

Poor thing isn't allowed to jump on the furniture or play with chew toys for a week, his two favourite past times by far. On the bright side, the vet said he is the perfect weight, and is in excellent health, so we must be doing a good job at keeping him healthy and happy. Also, while most dogs need a few hours to recover from the anaesthesia, Pepper was awake and moving almost immediately after his operation. He spent the majority of the evening staying close to mommy, and seems to be in much better spirits after sleeping through the night. He will probably still be a little tender when we fly home, which we are hoping translates into a more docile experience this time around. Though with the amount of energy he's showing today, he seems to be back to his normal, not-docile-at-all self.

The other newsworthy event was that Lily and I got our first real taste of caribou, when we were given a beautiful portion of fresh meat (we think it was either by the shoulder or a hindquarter?) For the uninitiated, caribou is very lean, compared to beef, and like most wild game, possesses a unique flavour that is hard to describe. Being the culinary whiz that she is, Lily served up a delicious slow-cooked caribou roast with a thick gravy, complete with creamy mashed potatoes and plenty of steamed veggies. The taste is wholly different from any I've tried before, but equally tasty. We also saved part and cut it into cubes for a stew to be made later. Caribou was a dish we were very excited to try, and the wait was worth it.

Now we have to start worrying about packing - a stressful event in our household, but when we stop to consider why we have to start packing, we find ourselves remarkably more excited to get the process started.


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