Friday, January 31, 2014

Thank You, @PenguinCanada!


A few months ago, I hosted a girls night where as the night went on, we all decided it would be a great idea to start a book club. Most of us haven't been in a book club, but we like to read and the thought was if we read together, we would also have an excuse to regularly get together and enjoy each others company (and each others wine, if we're being honest, ha).

The library in Baker is not the biggest library by any means, and the selection can be fairly limited compared to the libraries in the south. (For example, although I am here, I am still able to borrow ebooks from my library at is wonderful, isn't it??) On a whim, I decided to reach out to a number of book publishers via my Twitter account to see if any company would be interested in helping us out. My message was simple, as one can't be too wordy with a limit of 140 characters: "We are forming a book club in Baker Lake, Nunavut and our resources are limited. Would you be interested in helping with donations to the community?"

Of all the messages I sent, only one company responded. Elizabeth from Penguin Canada was very open to the idea and my proposition - if we received the books for our book club, we would be more than happy to donate them back to the community when we were finished so we could keep the literacy cycle going. A few weeks later, I received a box full of books and then just this past week I received a second box that even included signed copies of one of the books. It's like Christmas for our brains and we are so overwhelmed with Penguin's generosity! :)

It's always amazing to me to find a company that is so receptive to helping and giving back. It means a lot to not only our small group, but the people that we will be able to share our books with. Growing up, I have always been a bookworm and in Jeff I have found a husband who also shares the same passion for reading that I have. To be able to share that joy with our community with Penguin's help is a gift that means so much to us.

Thank you, Penguin Canada - especially Elizabeth - you have reminded us that we are not forgotten all the way up here.


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