Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Come Chill Out with Us!

Welcome to our blog! I assume that if you have made your way to our little corner of the internet, you are either a friend or family member checking up on how we're doing - or perhaps you were like us, and you're contemplating a move to Nunavut and you're looking for some "real life" stories! Either way, welcome and nice to meet you!

We are moving to Baker Lake in about 7 weeks and wanted to use this as a tool to chronicle not only our move and our journey, but to share our experiences with everyone at home. Hopefully it will ease anyone's anxiousness about life away from our family & friends, but I also hope that maybe we can help others in similar positions later on. And if anyone's coming to Baker Lake, we really are friendly people - and I will lure you in with fresh baked treats! :)

A little about us, we are originally (and still) from Southwestern Ontario, on the outer edge of the GTA. We got married a few months ago after a whirlwind romance, and are blissfully enjoying life as newlyweds. Lily (that's me) is a self-proclaimed foodie and a lover of all things pink. Jeff is a walking library with razor-sharp wit. This blog is guaranteed to be peppered with our cheesy senses of homour and sarcasm. You've been warned!



  1. Hold onto your socks!!! Literally. You'll need them. It's cold up there.

  2. Thermal ones at that! Get kk to knit us some :)