Friday, June 8, 2012

Making it Official

My announcement at work came out yesterday (one that I wrote, mind you) - I tried to slip "princess of awesome" into it, but I didn't want to seem egotistical. :) There's really no turning back now that it's out there for the "world" to see. After the announcement was sent I was flooded with emails and phone calls from people - even those I didn't expect to say anything - and everyone had the nicest things to say. It made me get a little teary-eyed, actually. So often you get into a comfortable zone when you're at a place for a while, and you don't realise how appreciated you are until something like this happens. I felt very validated in my career and the work I've done over the past 5 years. It was a good/emotional day. I kept telling everyone to hold the goodbyes in though, because I'm still here for another 6 weeks or so and I didn't want to start all-out crying just yet!

I'm also in the final stages of selling my car, and I'm pretty sure that it's a done deal. I will say that I had no idea what went into selling a car, and the extra little costs that crop up. Did you know that you need to provide a UVIP ($20) to the potential buyer, and that the car needs to be emissions-tested ($35) and certified ($118)? I didn't know these things! I thought it was you go, bill of sale, change of ownership, bam! Nope...not quite.

One of the things that we are currently debating is if we should renew our Ontario licenses - mine comes up for renewal shortly - or let them expire and get Nunavut ones. We also don't know what to do with our car insurance because we are under the impression that if you come back to Ontario and get car insurance, if they see that you haven't had continuous insurance in the province (ie. there's a break somewhere) that it counts against your rate. So we debate if we should keep our car insurance somehow...I really should call our insurance and ask them. Or can anyone confirm what they've done in the past?

So with the car pretty much ready to go to her new owner and it being official at work, I feel really overwhelmed this week. It doesn't help to come home each night, look around the house and stress about what needs to go, what needs to come, what's being stored, what's staying in the house...ugh. Too much to wrap my head around. This is all waaaaay more overwhelming than planning our wedding - and I thought I was in over my head then! One step at a time, I guess. One very small step at a time.


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