Friday, August 31, 2012

Around Town...

Come. Put on your jacket and your boots. Don't forget your bug hat!
Take a walk with us...

Here, Jeff is waving from our front door as we get ready to head out. We are 7019A 6th Crescent (the hamlet got street names last week, hooray!)...but the addresses don't "mean" anything! We're still all on P.O. boxes!
  The view of our street, directly across from us:
We're walking North, away from the lake and we come to our corner. The hamlet, along with just getting street names/signs last week, also put up stop signs on most corners. Everyone's still getting used to them, so they're not being followed all the time quite yet.

Turning left, we start heading into town. We pass the only gas station on our right. Gas is around $1.50/litre right now.
A little further down, here's one of the town's 2 convenience stores. I thought it was closed and abandoned, but someone just told me last week that it's just open for a few hours a day. Who knew!
Heading towards the lake, we see the town's only garage for the town's only mechanic. It's also the office where you can get your internet modem. No signs. Signs are for chumps. You just have to know! You'll also notice that there are water/sewer trucks parked outside. This is where they go when they break down...but they don't really get fixed. They just sit there.
Oh, here's the Co-Op. There's never more than say, 5 people in the store at a time. We like it though.
Right next door is the Northern. It's always packed with people, no matter what time of day it is. The post office, the KFC/Pizza Hut, the ATM and the only place in town you can buy money orders...all there.
There are lots of places for kids to play in town. We've seen a couple of playgrounds in residential areas, and there are brand new basketball courts that the town put in at the school, and one by the lake - to the tune of half a million dollars! They apparently can be folded up and put away once the snow hits!
As we mentioned before, the pretty scenery gets overshadowed by the "stuff" everywhere. Abandoned vehicles, boats, big truck gets distracting.

But then you see this on the horizon, and it's pretty again!
When you realise how small the hamlet is....
You need big satellites like these to keep us connected to the rest of the world:

Big ships bring us stuff in the summer (so do planes, but they fly all year)
There are a few other things to see, but it's getting dark around 9:30 now, so we'll turn around and head home. And this is what you'll see as the sleepy hamlet of Baker Lake says goodnight:

Hope you enjoyed our walking tour!
L & J

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  1. Hi J and L
    Loved this blog got to see Baker Lake for the first time !!
    Really a cool tour.. The sunsets look so pretty and I'm sure they will get better and better
    Thx again for the blog !!