Friday, September 14, 2012

30 Was A Big Year

With my birthday coming up in just a few days, I had to stop and reflect on what a big year 30 was for me. Getting married, leaving a long-term position, starting a new one, moving 1,600 miles away from friends and family...and those are just the big ones. Plenty of smaller things happened along the way as well, and with those are memories that I'll never let go.

I've always been one to love my birthday. What can I say, birthday attention is always good attention (even if I refuse to believe I'm 31 this year!!). My favourite part though, is being with the people I love most in life and sharing the day together. This is actually the first year that I'm hesitant when it comes to my birthday - it will be the first time ever that I'm far away from home, and that makes me sad. I've always been lucky to be able to spend my birthday with my strong support circle, and this year my birthday only serves to emphasize how far away I am from everyone. With my sister being away for school the past few years, and our birthdays being only 4 days apart, this would have been the first time in recent memory she would have been home for us to celebrate together.

30 was indeed a big year, with huge life-changing events to celebrate. It was the first year that I really felt like a "grown up" and not just a kid anymore. 30 has taught me to be more appreciative. More thankful.It's also been a reminder year that no matter what you have, or where you are, the most important part of your life remains your support circle. Everything else is just icing.

Can't wait to see what 31 brings, but I'm going to enjoy my last 3 days of being 30 as much as I can...why rush it! :)


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  1. Here's a bug wish for happiness on your 30th. May there be some unexpected surprises in store, and a great year ahead!!!! Love, Gaye