Friday, September 28, 2012

On my own

Last night was the first night I've been alone since we got to Nunavut since Jeff was away at training (he's back later on tonight, yay). I had a couple girls over for a Girls Night/Grey's Anatomy watch party (Sobbing forever for McSteamy!!) and as usual, there was an over-abundance of food and drinks available. It was a nice night and reminded me of home because I'd probably be doing a very similar thing for Grey's. I'm hoping we can do it weekly to watch the show throughout the season; it's nice to socialize on a weeknight and Jeff can go next door and watch football or whatever it is boys do. :) However, now I have a lot of food left in the fridge, so I may have to scrounge up some more friends and see if they'd like to come over after Jeff gets home tonight!

The last barge of the season arrived at the beginning of the week. We saw it coming towards shore on Sunday and by Monday morning when we were on the way to drop Jeff off at the airport, it was already being unloaded. Our furniture was on that barge, so we are extra excited!! I was speaking with our property manager and it looks like we may be getting it next week - once they find someone to come deliver it and take away the old stuff. I can't wait to get it all settled in and then we can show you where we've been living!

My work is having a Thanksgiving potluck next week and I'm really excited!! I love turkey dinners, but I didn't know how was I was going to be able to enjoy it this year when there was just the two of us and I wasn't quite prepared to make a huge bird just so we could eat it once. We had originally planned to share a meal with the neighbours, but I'm not sure we like turkey enough to have it twice over the course of a weekend. Who am I kidding...I could do it every weekend and be pretty happy!

It's also been a really good mail week for us. I got a tear-jerking letter from my mom earlier this week and my sister wrote Jeff a fairy tale story in crayon that had us in tears as well (but from laughter!). Yesterday, I got a call from the post office that I had some packages to be picked up and she followed it with "you're going to need to bring a man." Pardon? Oh, the packages are pretty big, she said, so I'm going to need some muscle. I convinced my neighbour to come to get them with me and my goodness, she wasn't kidding! Jeff's parents and cousin sent us care packages and one of the boxes was extremely big - I could probably hide in it and Jeff wouldn't know where to find me! Mail makes us *so* happy. It's such a comforting feeling to know that we're being thought of as much as we're thinking of home. Love radiates from every single thing we receive because time and care went into choosing it for us. You can't even imagine how much we appreciate it.

It's been warm on some days and super cold/windy on other days. I think we're desperately trying to keep summer around, but fall is definitely in the air. At least there are no bugs!


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