Monday, December 10, 2012

Geography Lessons

It is amazing to me how many people don't know where Nunavut is - a lot of the people I've had to explain it to are even Canadians! Considering the territory has been around for over a decade (since 1999 to be exact), there really is no excuse to not know it's part of your own country.

It's particularly frustrating when you're talking to organizations/businesses/corporations and they keep trying to tell you that "a technician will be sent out" or something equally as silly - that sentence is usually followed up after a pause with, "oh...oh no. Our technicians don't travel that far."


First off, if you're working for these companies, shouldn't you know the boundaries of where your technicians will go? Secondly, when I tell you that there are none of your branches in town, please don't fight with me and tell me "well, there must be something nearby."

I thought I was the only one who was getting frustrated telling my banks that no, I cannot walk into the nearest branch - or telling the satellite company that no, there is no one in town from your company to install my dish...but everyone I've been talking to has had the same problem with everyone we've dealt with.

So please, if you're a company that has customer service representatives, please train them on where your locations are and where your technicians are located. And when I tell them that the closest location to me is likely a 6 hour flight away - please tell them not to fight with me. It's just easier for everyone if maybe geography is a topic you cover in training.



  1. I would place a bet that apple wouldn't fight with you! ...that is very frustrating Lily...

  2. One of the companies I dealt with didn't even have Nunavut in their choices of provinces in their computer system! He had to put down NWT instead.
    I too am surprised at how many people don't know where Nunavut is. I find that completely ridiculous.

    1. There are still lots of websites that don't have Nunavut listed as an option for addresses, etc.

      One site I was recently on wouldn't let me proceed because when I entered my postal code and Nunavut, it said that it was the wrong territory. The automated site was fighting with me!!