Friday, December 14, 2012

Ladies Night

Last night was Ladies Night at the Northern...since it was also Grey's night, the girls and I decided to go see what all the buzz was about. We weren't quite sure what to expect (should we bring small bills and pretend we're on Magic Mike?), but it was an experience we decided we needed to see for ourselves.

Pulling up to the store, we could see that it was really busy - there were cars and snowmobiles all over the place and we had to park all the way at the back and away from the store (that never happens)! We walked in and there were boys from the high school dressed up in suits handing out roses to all the ladies. How sweet is that - plus, what a treat since it's so rare to see fresh flowers in town - they must have had them shipped up especially for the evening.

The store was packed, and there had to have been 1/2 the town's ladies in the store. It normally closes at 6pm but Ladies Night started at 8 and was going until 11, so this was indeed a special treat. There were some sales: Christmas items 30% off, chocolates 25% off, clothing 30% off and a couple of food items, small appliances and special toys on for a discounted price. However, at the end of the day, you're still talking expensive Northern prices, so even with the discount it could still be pretty hefty (an Easy-Bake Oven was $60...I think I've seen them for under $20 at home!). The girls bought a few items and I bought a box of chocolates and a winter hat since I've been eying it for a while. It's actually a little kid's hat with purple, teal and white stripes and two little bows on the side. There's a pom pom on top and ear flaps with's cute and warm and it was pretty cheap ($17.99 + 30% off) I ran into some co-workers and they laughed at me because I was buying a kids' hat, but I saved some money not buying an adult one, plus it's adorable and very me!, I'd say.

There were games going on, and a Bingo game was going to be started plus a couple of draws...people in town sure do like their games! The ladies were very excited at the prospect of getting to play the games. (Un)fortunately we left before any of them started, oh darn.

When we got home, we were discussing that we were really surprised that it was as busy as it was, since there didn't seem to be any amazing sales/discounts on items. Apparently when the doors opened at 8pm, there was a mad dash and a huge crowd of people trying to get through - think Black Friday, but in Baker Lake. We suppose that this could be one of the few shopping highlights of the year for some people, so it can get pretty exciting. We may have thought that the prices were still really high and there wasn't that much selection, but if you don't ever leave town or shop online...I suppose this is is as good as it gets. It was pretty mind-boggling to see women with carts piled high with things and spending hundreds of dollars when the same cart full of stuff in the South would cost a fraction of the cost - and this was them getting a deal because things were on sale tonight!

Chalk it up to another experience that allows us to open our eyes to how a different part of the world lives. If we didn't come from the South to here, we wouldn't have a reference point. Every experience is a learning opportunity here and I'm glad to have the chance to be here. Am I glad to spend $16 on a box of chocolates that would cost half that in the South? Not really. But at least I will appreciate it that much more when I get home!



  1. totally win win on the hat!!! :D

    WHAT?! not a bingo fan?!?!

    you know... its weird, because its embarrassing to think that I went dollar store shopping, for craft stuff, and stuff to make gift baskets with, etc.... and was SO HAPPY to spent $80. $80!! Imagine! that's a present or two, of maybe one or two presents one person in their family would get... when I'm spending on like, 8 people...

    I regularly read your posts to Jon, and we are consistently mind boggled at just how epic the difference is. $12 for milk? $10 for hot dogs? etc.... Its a freakin rip off.

    Out of curiousity (you may have written about it prior) do you get a government subsidy to live in the province? Does everyone? My brother was going to go live in NWT for a bit doing mining or something some time back, and they were going to give him money, though I can't remember how much.

    Its unreal, and I feel so insanely privileged and corporately saturated and marketed towards, living in GTA. :(

    however! It enables me to purchase things and send them. Any requests? I'll be sending another package soon.

    1. We were joking that we should open a "Ten"arama here and ship up stock from the dollar store - it'd still be a steal!

      Working for the government, I get a Northern Living Allowance for being here. Private companies don't have that, so Jeff doesn't get one. The amount depends on where you live in Nunavut as well - bigger cities get less, etc.

      Even in the short while that we've been here, I've come to appreciate how good we had it in the GTA. However, the upside is that we're learning how to conserve and hopefully it will transfer with us when we move home!

      Send yourself and Jon up! We get homesick :)