Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April - Out Like a Polar Bear

Our blizzard on Monday was quite a doozy! Hands down, the most fierce that we've seen since we arrived in Nunavut with 100 km/h winds and zero visibility for the majority of it. It snowed most of Sunday and after midnight, the winds started to pick up - so by the morning, it was pure white outside. Amazingly, it didn't let up until long after we were in bed, and Tuesday morning was still pretty windy/white outside. The storm didn't blow over until late Tuesday afternoon, and the weather's been beautiful ever since. I've caved and changed back into my Canada Goose parka for now, but it was nice to wear my lighter jacket for a while and pretend it was spring!

Our side of town isn't usually that bad in terms of drifts and whatnot, and the plows came yesterday to clear our road. However, we have friends living on the other side, closer to the snow fence, and I am amazed that they seem to get far worst drifts even though it's literally a 2 minute drive.

Our friend Bill took some pictures of what the day after looked like on their side...crazy!!
The door leading into their building...eek!!

The drift's higher than the truck!

The truck bed is completely covered in snow

Drift leading out to the road...some serious plowing is needed
It was disconcerting to say that we couldn't see the power line that is a few feet from the house, but it still wasn't bad enough that we couldn't see the truck parked in the driveway...we're still waiting for that intensity!

We were lamenting that it was a nasty blizzard at the end of April, and were reminded that the last blizzard of 2012 was in we've got a few months left of winter ahead of us.

So, for all you southerners talking about +20 weather and how you went golfing over the weekend...have some sympathy for us. :p


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