Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank Goodness for Technology!

Several years ago, when I was immersed in the world of IT, one of the points I listed on my resume was that I "enjoy helping people realize the promise of new technology". Looking back, I realize I also appreciate the technological advances I've witnessed in my 38 years.

I was a Walkman-wearing teenager, later graduating to the stylish Discman, with anti-skip magic included. Fast-forward a decade, and I'm typing on a laptop listening to my iPod while my wife distracts herself with her iPad, which we used last night to Skype with my family. (editor's note: anyone from Apple reading this is welcome to send royalties for the product promotion)

As it stands, we are very thankful to live in an age where communication and entertainment happen at a near-instantaneous level, minus the 3 second delay if you are calling Nunavut. One of the technologies that stands out as indispensable, for ourselves at least, is satellite television. It has helped tremendously in our hard-fought battle to stave off boredom, and general insanity.

Tonight, it helped us share the elation and then, crushing agony, as the Toronto Maple Leafs extended their Stanley Cup win-less streak to an astonishing 46 years. I say agony, but in reality, Lily and I are bandwagon fans when it comes to Toronto. Lily's team is the Calgary Flames, which is where she was born, and since Dion Phaneuf was the on the Flames, she holds some interest in seeing him succeed with the Leafs. I lost interest in the Leafs after the first lockout - multi-millionaires fighting over money is ridiculous. I quit rooting for the Blue Jays for the same reason, although I was hopeful they would make a run at the pennant this year. At least we have the Argos.

I have a surprise to announce to everyone, but it's happening tomorrow, so I will reveal it in the next post. It's pretty darn exciting.

For everyone to whom it applies - Happy Belated Mother's Day!


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