Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy day-after-Halloween! Hope you aren't in a sugar coma like I was...I admit I ate too many goodies at work and was pretty hyper all evening as I was giving out candy! It had been snowy and blowy the past couple of days and there was a sliver of a chance that Halloween may be deterred because of a storm, but the skies cleared up and it turned out to be a windy, but otherwise lovely evening.

Here's a picture taken around 5pm, looking towards the lake. The dark part right in the center is the open water that hasn't frozen over yet, and the white part on the right (in the middle) is the iced over/snow-covered lake. I imagine by next week the whole lake will be frozen over and it will be thick enough for snowmobiles to ride across it.

We had a fairly quiet day, considering. My work had a costume contest and a baking contest and I was one of the winners in the baking contest, hooray! It wasn't judged on taste, but prizes were given for "funniest" and "most creative" - so I made Vampire Dentures! Jeff helped me put them together the night before and they turned out super cute! Ridiculously easy too, so who can complain??

I was up against some pretty hefty competition as well - the other submissions were really great (and so delicious)! The shortbread fingers also won - those were scary looking!!

I did not partake in the costume contest. Give me an oven and baking supplies and I will happily whip something together...however, I've no creative bone in my body to sew or do artsy things like make a costume from scratch. I can barely sew buttons on, let alone put together a costume! Kudos to the lovely ladies who dressed up and looked great!

Baker Lake trick-or-treating hours are from 6-8pm as decided by the hamlet, so it gives you time to make dinner before and go to bed early afterwards. What I'm not used to is seeing trick-or-treaters being driven around to collect candy. Granted it is pretty darn cold outside, so I guess I can understand the reasoning. They usually all pile into a vehicle and get dropped off in the middle of a street, do the street, hop back in and go to the next. Some people are brave enough to take their kids out on ATVs even though it is mighty windy zipping around on one of those these days. There are also smaller ATVs in town, and I saw two teenagers drive themselves around to get candy!

We had a pretty good turn-out of kids, but nothing like the crowd of kids visiting houses in-town (we're at an end of town so there is a good gap if you're walking from town to our side). Of the two 90-count boxes of candy I had, plus a gigantic box of pre-packaged cookies, we gave away the majority of everything. There's  a handful of treats left that I will add into Jeff's lunch over the next couple of days and that will be that. Just how I like it - no temptation here to distract me!!

All in all, a fun Halloween! Hope yours was fun too!



  1. Those dentures are so creative!!!! awesome job....

    :) looks like a fun filled Halloween!

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    1. Thank you! We appreciate knowing we are being read! :)