Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello from Edmonton!

Friday afternoon I got the go-ahead to travel to Edmonton for some training that was (will be) this week. I was originally going to fly out on Saturday but the weather forecast looked ominous with an impending storm, so the afternoon became an unexpected whirlwind!

A quick breakdown:

2:45pm Get the go-ahead for training
3:00pm Booked tickets to leave at 4:00pm
3:20pm Leave office and rush home to pack
3:35pm Call husband and tell him I'm leaving and I love him!
3:40pm Get to airport and check-in for flight
4:00pm Flight leaves (yay no security!)
4:00pm+ Fly, wait, fly, waaaaaaait, fly, go through security, waaaaaaaaait, change planes, fly
12:10am Arrive in Winnipeg
5:00am Up and ready to catch 7:00am flight to Edmonton

Goodness gracious, that was a tiring few hours. Not only that, I heard that Friday evening was quite blustery but Saturday dawned sunny and lovely. The kicker is that I am a magical snow fairy and brought the storm with me to Edmonton. When we landed it was super snowy and was storming all day Saturday, into the wee hours of Sunday.

From no snow at all before I arrived, many inches would you say that is? A lot? Yeah, I'd say that too. At least it is warmer than Nunavut; only about -20 here. Still....that's a lot of snow for one day!

Anyway, I am here for the next few days. Last I checked, my husband is subsisting on a diet made up solely of frozen pizzas  so who knows what it will be like when I get home. ;) I'm really looking forward to my training course and getting to wear business-y clothes! I even had to dig out some heels from the closet to bring with me. Oh, the novelty. :)


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