Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guest Blogging!

Recently, our friend Sarah asked us to write a guest post over on her blog and we happily obliged. The beauty of blogging in the north is that the community of bloggers is fairly small so we start to get to "know" each other, even though we live so far apart. You may remember Sarah from when she blogged for us in the fall. It is fascinating to see how other people are experiencing similar things, yet are in completely different communities.

For our post today, I am going to direct you to Sarah's blog to read what we wrote! Also, if you are looking for another Nunavut blog to read about life in the north, I highly recommend checking out Sarah's blog about her life in Pang!


P.S. We are always looking for guest bloggers to share stories on our blog. If you are currently or have lived in the north, or have an interest in writing about the north - please contact us and we will be happy to feature your post!

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