Monday, October 1, 2012

Taking in a Show

On Friday, the students in town put on a play for the community and we were invited to come watch. Jeff was out of town, but I thought it'd be nice to do something different so I went to the school with our neighbour for the one-night-only performance of The Secret Garden.

Annually, an organization out of the US (I'm sorry, I forgot their name) travels around the world and helps students put on a play for their community. The group provides everything from direction to costumes and the set - the community just has to provide willing and eager students. Baker Lake did not disappoint, as there were a group of probably 40 students in the play, ranging from kindergarten to grade 12.
There was a bit of concern that there wouldn't be a big turnout for the kids because there was a wedding going on at the same time, but the seats were soon filled and some people had to stand along the sides. The kids were adorable and so proud of what they were doing (the costumes were pretty darn cute too...but I had no idea that geese had whiskers and floppy ears!).

There were a lot of forgotten lines, and there was only one small microphone for a fairly large auditorium, so it was hard to hear, but you could tell that the kids were so enthusiastic and proud of what they were doing. It was nice to see after you hear a lot about the education system here and the stories of the tough things that a lot of these kids have to face. For one night though, they were the stars and they shone. The final bow very nearly brought a tear to my eye, I was so proud *for* them.

It was also a weekend of track and field tryouts around town, and it was not only for the kids but there was an "open" heat in each sport that anyone in town could participate in if they wanted to. I happened to be around when they were starting to set up the 100 meter sprint and ended up watching that. They closed off a portion of the main street in town and set up the race there - not a lot of kids were around (the under 12 category only had 2 boys and no girls), but the ones who were there ran their hearts out. No fancy gym clothes or fancy running shoes - all of the kids just ran in whatever they were wearing that day, jeans, hoodies, whatever. Each and every one of them still gave it their all though, and that was what it was all about. Made me realize that no matter where you are, kids just want to be kids.