Friday, November 2, 2012

Relatively Speaking

It's funny how quickly we've adapted to some of the changes that come with living in a community so different from home in Ontario - we find ourselves saying the strangest things, bearing in mind it's all relative to our situation here. Here are some of the things we've said recently that made us stop and laugh. Hopefully you get a kick out of these too!

"Ugh. We have to drive to the airport? But it's SO FAR!" (The airport is at the furthest point away from our house...and it takes about 7 minutes to drive there. We used to drive further to pick up a pizza for dinner!)

"$30 for a burger and fries? Sounds reasonable."

"Ooooh it's so nice out! It's only -22 with the windchill!"

"Fresh produce at the Northern today - strawberries went down to just $8 a pint!"

"That bread doesn't expire for 3 days. We better pick some up."

"These boots are only rated for -40. I'll have to wear them in the spring."

"I had to spend more money shopping to hit the free shipping cut-off - so really, I saved us money!" (Guess who said that? Ha!)

"I sent out those letters only 2 weeks ago - they wouldn't be there yet."

"It's almost 9am! Come see the sunrise!"

"Already 9:30? We're going to bed pretty late tonight."

"Can you grab me a can of Fresca? Here's $ that enough?"

"This is probably as bad as the worst snowstorm in Toronto I can remember....good thing this is considered mild in Baker Lake."

"Did you figure out when and how we're supposed to plug the car in?"

"Conserve your clothes until Tuesday. We can do laundry when the water and sewage trucks have both come"

"Hope that wind doesn't blow the satellite dish off the side of the house."

These are just a couple of many, many things we say on a daily basis that wouldn't have crossed our minds in Ontario. You have to laugh at how crazy some of the things are, because it's almost unbelievable.

So...who's rushing to come visit? ;)


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