Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en!

Yesterday was one of the worst weather days we've had since we arrived here - lots of blowing/falling snow, high winds and it was dark and gloomy. There were parts of the road that you couldn't see in front of you because the snow was so strong. I tried to take some pictures and a quick video but my hands got so cold and shaky that nothing was coming out. That, plus we've used up our internet for the month and it doesn't get reset until tomorrow, so even loading this page took forever - let alone trying to upload some media.

Funnily, everyone kept telling me this was "nothing" compared to what I'd be seeing. Ummm....eek??

Neither of us brought costumes or things to make costumes, so we aren't dressed up today. I think a few people in my office are dressing up in the afternoon and the social club is having a Hallowe'en party for us later in the day. I volunteered to make cupcakes and put together treat bags for the staff, and thanks to some great supplies that Jeff's mom sent up, they look really Hallowe'eny!

This morning, the weather looks to have calmed down significantly, which will be a nice break for the kids going out for candy. We were told we needed lots of candy because it can get pretty hectic, so we're well stocked on sweets and goodies for the kids. Of course, if there are any leftovers they make pretty good snacks in our lunches too. :)

We've been invited out to a party this evening so if the weather holds up we will probably make our way over after we give out some candy here/have dinner, etc. Strange when you think about it - last year around this time we were having our Stag & Doe in Ontario and this year we're handing out candy in Nunavut. Amazing what a little bit of time brings you.


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  1. Happy Halloween guys! Enjoy your party and all the little ones. Our weather here is just miserable. High winds and heavy rain. Hope it stops before tonight.
    Take care