Monday, April 22, 2013

Baker Lake Dog Race

For the first time in many, many years (the people I spoke with weren't sure how many, but at least 20), Baker Lake held a big dog race here in town! Teams from all over were invited to join, and I believe there were a total of 5 teams in the race.

The race was originally supposed to run for 3 days, 30 miles each day, but one of the days was cancelled due to weather. Dog teams could have a maximum of 8 dogs and one musher, and the winner was the best combined time of the 2 days.

We walked out to the ice on Saturday afternoon hoping we would catch the teams coming back, but we were too late and they had already come back and had taken the dogs off the ice. There was still one more team to come, but with only 4 dogs pulling the sled, we were told we would be waiting for a while so we stayed out as long as we could but never did see him come in.

Thankfully, a fellow Baker Laker let me "steal" some of the pics he took so we could show you what a dog race looks like!

It was a little scary walking out onto the lake - we were a long way from shore!
It was a beautiful day for a race; lots of sunshine, but very windy so far out

The dogs are transported on sleds with the boxes out onto the lake and hitched up

Getting them all lined up. Teams left every couple of minutes to give them enough space.

We were expecting all Huskies/Malmutes, but there were all sorts of dogs - specifically kept for racing

Mushers lay or kneel on their racing sleds as they zoom across the land


I think this tired puppy wants to go home!

It was a nice walk out onto the lake at the very least, and we got to chat with some nice people who were still there. Can't complain too much! I wish we saw the teams in action, but there's always next time. :)


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