Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thawing Out

Do you see what I see? Warmth! Spring! No wind this morning! Temperatures in the single (negative) digits! It's all very exciting! (Sorry, I'll stop using so many exclamation points now...but I'm very excited...!!)

With warmer temperatures, we are starting to thaw out here in Baker Lake. The roads aren't a layer of snow and ice anymore - you can start to see stretches of dirt/gravel peek through. It's the equivalent of seeing the first glimpses of grass after a long winter at home. The other part to warmer temperatures is melting snow! The snow drifts around town are getting a little shorter every day, and even though I know it will be months before the snow is truly gone (probably July), it's nice to start noticing the difference.

While on our walk the other day, I took my camera to show you a couple of the drifts that accumulated over the winter in our'll see why we're excited to notice some melting!

Both of those houses are inclined from the road, so the drifts would have been much higher if they were level with where I'm standing with the camera. These aren't even big drifts; just two of the closer ones to our house when I went to snap some pictures.

The sun is out for much longer these days as well - typically rising around 6ish and setting well past 8. Even though these temperatures would have had me chattering and complaining were we at home, I'm so excited to see anything less than -30's these days. Amazing how perspectives change when our environments do...

Hurry up, spring! There are people who are anxious to see you!!

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