Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

4 day weekends are great, but it was confusing because we kept thinking yesterday was Sunday, when it was actually Monday but we had the day off...all this to say that we accidentally forgot to post on the blog because we were behind a day. Oops! Not to worry though, we didn't forget you, dear readers, and I'm here to regale you with stories of our lovely weekend!

Our Easter weekend started off with a quiet and relaxing Good Friday filled with enjoying a nice walk around the neighbourhood and lots of baking. I was tasked with bringing something sweet for brunch and I hemmed and hawed over what to make. In the end, I decided I'd stick with the quintessential Lily dessert - cupcakes! I made pastel rainbow colours to make them look like dyed Easter eggs when you bit into them, and then I frosted the top - some with sprinkles, some with dye to look like decorated eggs and then 3 special ones to look like bunnies; one for each of the kids that were there. They were a big hit and the kids loved them! I was happy at the psychedelic rainbows in each bite! :) For the adults, I made healthy lemon squares - which happened to be vegan and the secret ingredient: tofu! They turned out tart and sweet and I was very excited to show them off!

Saturday's brunch was such a nice way to start the day! I played with the little ones for a while and then we all sat down to a lovely table and had a marvelous feast with our friends. We were spoiled and spent the first half of the day chatting away and enjoying everyone's company. The rest of the afternoon was lazing around and napping with the puppy after going for a nice long walk. We capped off the day by having a vegetarian roast and snuggling on the couch to catch up on the shows we'd taped all week. We had plans to go to the community square dance, but the wind really started to pick up in the evening and it was almost blizzard-y at some points. So we stayed closed to home just to be safe. Pepper enjoyed watching the wind blow the snow around from his new favourite spot on the couch too!

Sunday was another day of baking - this time for the potluck dinner in the evening. I baked a crusty loaf of bread that we served with some dipping oil and my creamy scalloped potatoes. More walking with Pepper, but this time it was cut short because the wind was so strong. He's starting to get used to walking outside though so that is good. We feel better when he gets a bit of fresh air every day instead of being cooped up inside all the time. After the walk, we packed up the food and went to the party and spent the evening surrounded by our Baker Lake family. Much fun was had by all and it was a nice that we were with "family" even though we're so far away from home. It made the homesickness much more bearable.

All in all, a successful Easter for 2013. Although we were far away from home, we were still able to talk to our families and send our love across the miles. Keeping busy and having good friends close by helped distract us from feeling down, and for that we are thankful. Hope everyone had as great of an Easter as we did!


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