Monday, December 9, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

This past weekend, Santa came to town and stopped in at the high school for breakfast. For a nominal price (cheapest breakfast in town by far!) we feasted on pancakes, sausages and eggs with the jolly man in red. Run by volunteer teachers and students, the money went towards the school, and a good time was had by all. Not only was Santa there, but Blizzy the school mascot (for the Baker Lake Blizzard) was there to join the fun as well.

Side note: Blizzy was far more popular than Santa...seems a man in a red suit is much more terrifying to some kids than a blue furry "blizzard" that likes to give high-5s. Go figure!

Here are some photos of the day - we said we were tagging along to keep the neighbours' kids company, but really, we just wanted to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas. :)

A very nice welcome committee!
Group shot!
Blizzy's got nice abs. Also, I'm wearing my fold-up flats, aren't they cute??
We had a great time with the kids, and got to socialize with a lot of people in town as well. Plus, we supported the school and I didn't have to do dishes after breakfast. Winning situation all around!


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