Monday, December 2, 2013

Sun Calculations

My co-worker shared a really neat site with me recently called SunCalc, where it shows you the sun position, phases, time of sunrise/set, etc. based on your Google Map location. It's really fun!

You can see that for today, the sun rises just before 10am and sets a little after 2:30pm. The days are certainly short in December. When the sun comes up the horizon, it doesn't go very high in the sky - just hovering a bit over the land and then starting its descent again. When I leave the house after lunch, I have to remember to turn on the porch light because it's so dark when we come home at 5. Actually, we have taken to leaving a couple of lights on all day inside the house for Pepper - one near his potty area and one near his food/water bowl. It gets pretty dark and I always worry that he can't see where he's going. Jeff thinks I'm being overly cautious, but I think it makes sense!

I like to check up on home to see the sun differences between Nunavut and Ontario - it also makes me realize that our days really are short. Time to up the vitamin D! Try it out for where you live and see how accurate it is. I've found it is pretty dead on so far!


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