Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our First House!

I have a confession. I am in my 30s and before this past weekend, I had never made a gingerbread house. I've made gingerbread things, yes, but never a house. So you can imagine my delight when our neighbours threw a gingerbread decorating party for the children, and they thoughtfully provided a kit for us as well!! (Since it was my first house, our 5-year old neighbour took me under his wing and showed me all the expert ways of decorating since he made one last year and knew what to wonder I make the best of friends with kids; they think I'm one of them!)

It was a team effort, and Jeff was in charge of icing and Santa. I'd say it turned out pretty darn awesome for our first time! These pre-made kits are amazing with the tray, all the ingredients and icing all set to go. You really can't mess it up! I particularly like my snow-covered chimney top and my cobblestone driveway...Jeff particularly liked eating all the candy supplies. :)

Now our house is sitting proudly on display in our kitchen. Jeff says you're supposed to eat the house, but how can you eat ART?? We are currently in negotiations as to what to do with it. I'm on Team Don't-Touch-It and he's on Team Gingerbread-is-for-Eating. I'll let you know what happens to the house after we're through!


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