Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

I feel like it's been so long since I've written a post! We hope you all enjoyed Jeff's recap of our trip home; it is strange to say we've been back for a few weeks now since it almost feels like we never left, it went by so quickly. On the bright side, it didn't take long to get back into the groove of things and we all settled back into our routine without too many issues (Pepper has re-learned all his good habits which we let slide while we were on vacation, so that's a good thing for all of us).

As Jeff mentioned in his last post, we had some friends over on Friday to celebrate his birthday. It was our first gathering since we left and it was so nice to have a house full of people to kick off the weekend. I picked up a variety of frozen pizzas and snacks, plus our lovely neighbour made Jeff a delicious birthday cake, and we've been slowly finishing off the leftovers over the past few days, much to Jeff's delight!  Not having kids here normally, I didn't think we had anything exciting to play with, but they were resourceful in finding interest in things hidden away on shelves and whatnot that I didn't even remember we had! We also have a candy dish that sits by the couch normally, and should have realized that it would be a gravitational pull for little hands - but to be honest, we didn't even remember it was there until I had a little tug on my shirt and heard a small voice ask,"Lily, can we have some candy?" I must say, having a group of children under the age of 5 in the house was an...eye-opening experience about kid-proofing a house! At the end of the night, after having played with the kids, Pepper was happily exhausted and slept very well. :)

The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet in comparison - we took full advantage of the weather warming up and the sun shining brightly and went on family walks every day. On one of our walks we stopped in at the convenience store close to the house to browse, and the girls behind the counter were so enamoured with Pepper in his little track suit and booties that they asked to take his photo. Our little guy laps up the attention so he happily posed before we went on our way.

Pepper also had hid first encounter with balloons this past weekend, as they were brought out for Jeff's birthday party. Upon initial inspection, he wasn't quite sure what to make of it since his toys don't normally bounce back towards him when he pushes them with his nose. After a while, he got angry with it for acting "weird" and he decided that the balloon needed to be destroyed, and he was going to do everything he could to take it down!

I was worried that he would be traumatized for life when he finally popped the balloons, but he seemed disappointed when it happened - kind of looking at us with a "is that all you've got?" face. Our little guy is feisty, that's for sure.

That pretty much sums up our weekend. I'm currently browsing for blackout curtains since the sun sets around 8pm these days and I know that the 24 hour sunlight is just around the corner (can't wait)! As much as we're going to love the constant brightness, it's hard to sleep with the sun streaming through the window, so I'm hoping I can find some that will block it out. Somehow, using a cardboard box like when we first moved up doesn't seem quite as appealing.



  1. ...I got my black-out curtains from mum found them on there! They also deliver up north!

    Another thing you can do is "tin-foil" the windows... but you have to watch out because sometimes the sun will crack the glass!

    1. Surprisingly I found some at the Northern and they weren't that expensive! Basically the same price as Sears but without having to pay for shipping, hooray!!!

      Of course they didn't have a lot of selection so we now have red, silky drapes in the bedroom...I feel like I should be calling it the "boudoir" now, ha!

    2. That's awesome Lily...what a nice find, so good to be able to find things 'local' and not 'too' expensive!! "boudoir" red in the bedroom eh? So many things I could say...but I won't!

      My mum found mine and I brought them up when I moved up in 2011-So didn't have to deal with shipping! (I survived a year in 2009 without curtains...but did 'tin-foil' my bedroom window!)

      :) hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend! :)

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