Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday, everyone! Hope you have a great start to your Easter weekend and that the Easter Bunny is kind to you! :)

Holidays are always hard for us because it really makes us feel far away from home. Thankfully, we are surrounded by good friends here and our weekend is shaping up to be quite full. This will keep our minds from getting too homesick, and ensures that we won't be sitting around feeling lonely by ourselves! Win-win, in my opinion!

We are invited for brunch tomorrow and a potluck on Sunday, plus there was talk about heading to the community center on Saturday night for a square dance! That is something that we've been wanting to do since we arrived, and I'm excited at the thought of going this weekend! Originally, I had briefly considered working this weekend since the office will be quiet and I'd get a chance to catch up on things, but I've been fighting a cold since we got back from our vacation and I decided that 4 days of relaxing is what I'm going to do instead.

Relaxing doesn't mean I'm going to be bored though! It's Easter - so that means it's going to be a baking weekend! I'm bringing some baked goodies on Saturday and Sunday, plus I promised Jeff that I would bake more bread for us since he prefers that over the store bought kind (I've spoiled him, I know)! Baking weekends always make me happy - the house smells so homey...what's not to like? :)

That's pretty much it for our plans - what are you up to for Easter? Are you going to have a big family dinner? Are you laying low and curling up on the couch to watch a marathon of movies? Whatever it is you decide to do, I hope it's a lovely few days and you enjoy it!

For no reason other than he's adorable, here's a random picture of Pepper all dressed up and ready to go on a walk with us. He's miserable when he has to wear multiple layers of clothes and his booties, but he's thankful once we start going!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Lily, Jeff & Pepper

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