Friday, March 1, 2013


This picture was taken one evening from the airport when the sky was particularly clear and the moon shone brightly over the entire hamlet. It captures the entire length of Baker Lake - aside from the dock just past the edge of the right side of the picture (the side of town we live on).

It amazes me that we used to think of our hometown in Ontario as small because it only has around 180,000 people. Now, living in a community that literally houses 1/100th of the population of where we came from, home seems like a sprawling metropolis!

Before we moved here, we were worried that it would feel small. Yes, the isolation is evident when you look towards the edges of town and see an endless view of untouched land (beautiful sight to behold), but when you're in the midst of things you honestly don't feel that different than being in a small town in Ontario. Your essentials are readily available, and everything you would need (note I didn't say want, because there are lots of luxuries that aren't here) is usually within walking distance/a few minutes' drive. You start to recognize the people in town, and be recognized - and you're generally met with a smile and a hello no matter where you go. It's a nice feeling to be as comfortable as we have become in the short months we've been here.

We've been asked by a number of people since we moved whether the isolation gets to us, and we can honestly say "no, not really." You notice it in the sense of being far away from conveniences, and especially when you think of your loved ones, but on a day-to-day basis, it really isn't bad. Once you've made friends and settle in, you almost don't notice a difference. I know, it sounds hard to believe - especially coming from us - but it's true! You can't feel alone when you're all living so close together. :) It's actually quite nice, and if you ever get a chance, you should experience it for yourself. We're sure glad we did!


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