Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anti-Bullying Awareness

It takes a certain kind of man to pull off pink well. I am not normally that guy, much to my wife's disappointment. Lily, on the other hand, could, and does, incorporate a terrifying amount of pink into most everything she owns.

The last time I tried on a pink golf shirt, I had a shot at being the mascot for Pepto-Bismol. There is, however, one pink shirt in my collection, and it was very recently acquired. The high school recently held an anti-bullying campaign, and all of the staff and students were given the same highlighter-pink shirts to wear that day.

It was a sobering series of lectures and videos, detailing the causes and outcomes of bullying. Once confined to the schoolyard, bullying now knows no bounds, as the cyber variety has been the result of several suicides in Canada in the past decade. Thankfully, most of the students responded well to the assembly, and vowed not to participate in bullying, nor stand by and watch it happen, which is almost as bad. 57% of bullying stops when a third-party intervenes; at slightly better than half, that is still a good reason to not let it happen.

Studies have also shown that the long-term effects for bullies and their victims include depression, anxiety, and increased risk for heart attacks and similar ailments.

Anyways, I now have a pink shirt in my wardrobe. It may end up being the lone article of pink clothing I ever wear, but I will wear it with pride when I do.



  1. We pretty much have the same predicament with the color pink. Hahaha! Anyway, I'd totally wear pink, even if it does look like the opposite of flattering on me, for such a great cause. Bullying is something that must be excised from schools and from the society, in general. I believe greater problems develop in the long run for everyone, if bullying is permitted to continue, and probably those alarming statistics already show it. Good for you for having that convention and pride in wearing pink. More power to you and your blog!

    Felix Stewart @ Frontenac Youth Services