Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Can Bank On It

No really, you can!
Because Baker Lake got its very first banking facility!


Before the FNBC (First Nations Bank of Canada) opened its doors here, you had the option of doing some light banking (ie. cashing cheques) at the Northern for a crazy high fee (think a la Money Mart) or doing your banking online. Which works if you have direct deposit and need to transfer money, etc. but if you received an actual cheque, you either had to wait to go south to deposit it, or mail it home to be deposited for you. Though, ING and CIBC both offer e-deposits and will deposit your cheques if you take pictures of them on your tablet! (We actually opened a CIBC account when they announced this feature and just deposit it in and e-transfer it where we need it.)

Located inside the Co-Op store, they built up a pretty nice location in the back corner. The grand opening was on March 20, after numerous delays in building and resource issues - but they opened with a celebration with a few big prizes and of course, cake and cookies!

They also presented the high school with a donation, and the Vice Principal was there to accept the cheque.

The mayor of Baker Lake was there to make a speech.

Bank officials posing with a traditionally dressed youth.

All in all, a good addition to the Baker Lake community.


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