Friday, April 11, 2014

I Spy with my Little Eye...

I happened to have my camera on me one afternoon while driving around town, so thought I would post a few pictures of things I saw in good ol' Baker Lake.


A garage in town; maybe or maybe not with a mechanic inside. How are you supposed to know it's a garage? YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW.

The gas station attendant sits in here. I think it looks like a huge walk-in freezer.

The fuel truck is filling up. And there's a guy driving a quad in -46 weather. No biggie.

A big loader pushing snow into a pile. Common sight.

The igloo church with the high school in the background. I wish the church wasn't abandoned. It looks super quaint.

A drift behind a parked truck. Also a common sight.

Plane's landed! Can you see it?

This is posted in the community hall. It amuses me.

Why yes, I have fallen down these stairs. Shocking, I know.

Another common sight - furs laying out all year. The bundle by the stairs seems to be a folded fur. It's not so bad in the winter, but in the summer it can start to emit an odour...

Our frozen lake. The cold hit and it was still pretty windy so the lake froze over while it was still rippling - hence the ruggedness. Last year, it was much smoother and this year, it's incredibly bumpy. The smooth horizontal line a few feet from shore is the path they paved/zamboni'd so snowmobiles and trucks can drive across the lake as a shortcut across the town.

You'll also notice we have a lot less snow than last year (hardly any this season)...maybe now that it's getting warmer it will start to snow more.

So, for anyone complaining that spring isn't warm enough for you - just look at our white pictures and you'll feel better. :)

That's it for today! Until next time!

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