Monday, April 21, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter! Today is Easter Monday and we are off because it's a federal holiday and many places are closed here in Baker - not sure if it's all over the territory, but for sure it is here! So we get an extra long long-weekend. (Though I am going to pop into work today to do some catching up, since many businesses in the south are open today and I can get some work done while the office is quiet.)

It has been a beautiful few days here in Baker - warm enough that a few things of note happened:

  1. I was outside in just a t shirt and hoodie, plus jeans and boots (no parka, snowpants, gloves, etc.) and it was amaaaazing. It felt so freeing to be able to go outside without a billion layers on.
  2. I switched to my spring jacket - aka my Ontario winter parka.
  3. Jeff took Pepper for a walk; his first one in many, many months. He was in a sweater and a light jacket (the dog, not my husband) and his booties and he didn't freeze or hate Jeff after!
  4. Standing outside for a few minutes in the middle of the afternoon, when things were quiet, all I could hear was the dripping sounds of snow/ice melting off the house. It was the beautiful sound of spring.
Unfortunately, the unseasonably warm weather is causing a bit of havoc in our house since the roof has started to leak in a few places where the snow is melting. We called the property management company but they were busy fixing similar problems at other places. Hopefully they come today because I keep tripping on the bucket that is next to our bed, and slipping on the towel we've laid out in the middle of the living room. :/

Our weekend was pretty nice. I spent a good chunk of it baking and I've nearly exhausted my entire flour supply. A friend showed up at my door with a lemon and an orange (I mentioned in passing I had neither and could not make hot cross buns), which meant I really didn't have an excuse not to make her a I did. Then I was bit with the baking bug and I made a couple loaves of sandwich bread for lunches over the next while (so much cheaper/better than buying loaves of Wonderbread). I also volunteered to make buns for the Easter dinner we were invited to, so I made Parmesan Rosemary knots - but made it extra naughty by wrapping a slice of peppered bacon through it (cheese + bacon + bread = so devilish of me, I know)! But then I thought maybe people may not want bacon in their rolls (but really, who wouldn't??) so I made a batch of Jeff's grandma's rolls (our faaaave) just in case. Oh, and then I decided I would make a handful of healthy cookies to off-set the calories that had infiltrated our house. Needless to say, Jeff was a happy taste testing husband this weekend!

Easter Sunday we were invited next door for dinner and it was lovely to be with friends for the holiday. There was an abundance of food (as always) and plenty of good conversation and good times. I know we say it all the time, but we really are blessed to have such a wonderful northern family.


Hope your weekend was as great as ours! :)


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