Monday, October 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians!!
This year we are thankful for our lovely new home! Come on in for the tour. :)
As a recap, here's the outside of our house again. We're on the left.
When you first walk in, there's a small mud room area that has a closet for our coats and boots, etc. Then an inside door that leads into our main floor. The living room is just inside the door and this is what you'll see.
Here's the view of the living room from the other angle (that open door leads out towards the front door). We love the red couches! It matches the artwork that we brought from home so well. I didn't realise how much red we had until we started putting things up.
The living room connects to the kitchen, which connects to the dining room. Here's a view straight ahead from the couch.
The door to the left just across from the island is a huge pantry/storage room. (This house has so much storage, it's really like we have two extra bedrooms in the house!) Here's a better view of the kitchen - I love how many cabinets and drawers we have. We're just waiting on 4 bar stools, so we're borrowing 2 dining table chairs for the moment. There's also a desk area built into the side of the pantry that you can't see in the picture.
Next up, here's the dining room. I'm actually standing on the stairs taking the picture and looking down. There's a back closet against the wall and the door on the left leads out to the back door, and there's a powder room just around the corner from the wall with the pink painting.
Going upstairs, the master bedroom and bathroom are immediately to the right.
Leaving the master, the laundry room is just outside the door and then it's the two guest bedrooms and a guest bathroom.
That's it! There's also a really large storage closet upstairs and a linen area as well.

It's amazing how big of a difference having our furniture and putting our pictures up is. It's finally starting to feel like home around here.



  1. Wow, that place is lovely! You have done a great job of making it your home. Enjoy!

  2. It looks beautiful!! Yay furniture!!! :D

  3. Thanks everyone! We are very pleased with how it looks - we finally feel at home.