Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rumour has it...

Rumour has it that it's a very special little boy's 3rd birthday today!! Happy birthday to Liam, the best Godson I could ever ask for (and a handsome ring boy to boot!). We wish we were there to smother you with hugs and kisses, and you can show off all your cool toys. Skype tonight will have to do, but be forewarned that whether you're 3 or 23 - you will be showered with kisses each time I physically see you. xo

Rumour has it that we're getting our furniture delivered today! The barge dropped it off last week sometime, but there hasn't been anyone to sort through the inventory and arrange for delivery. Hoping today will be the day! It will be so nice to finally be able to say we're not waiting for anything else to come and we can make it our own.
Sometimes I ask myself if I'm really still in Canada. I feel like we're in some strange land when we get so stressed as to whether the water will run out, or if the sewage truck has come to pump out the pipes...Speaking of which, yesterday my office closed for the afternoon because there was an issue with the sewage being backed up and the whole building smelling er...unpleasant. My office is on the other side of the building away from the washrooms, so it wasn't that big of a deal for us, so we ended up staying and enjoying the quiet afternoon. I actually got a lot more work done because everyone was gone, so I guess it can't be all bad! Still....strange problem to have!!

Rumour in town is that we're slated to get 10-20 cms of snow this week. I checked the weather forecast and it said that it's supposed to flurry tonight into tomorrow, but nothing about a lot of snow. I wonder if that's how it will be - we'll wake up one morning to a winter wonderland outside. It's been snowing off and on all week and it's SUPER cold (I'm caving and switching to my winter jacket this afternoon) but nothing has been sticking to the ground. I think those days are numbered and soon we'll be pulling out the boots and toques. It's not Canada Goose weather yet, but definitely the winter jacket that I was wearing in Ontario is a good fall jacket here! I'll have to remember to do a quick look through our winter gear to make sure that we have everything we need before the snow comes - wouldn't want to have to wait to ship up something essential we may have forgotten!

A lunch hour goes by so fast when you go home. I feel like I just sat down to write this, and already it's time to pack up and head back. Boo! Time to bundle up and face that wind - hope I don't get blown away!


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