Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chasing the Sun

I've mentioned before that the short hours of sunlight have really taken a toll on me and I feel like I'm chugging back the vitamin D all day, so I thought I'd show you what a typical day looks like here in Baker Lake.

We still get about 4 hours of light and it's not even bright sun, most of it is dusky. It's been noticeably getting lighter for longer since the solstice in December, and eventually we'll have 24 hours of sunlight, which is a whole other weird beast in itself.  :)

When Jeff goes to work around 7:30am, it is pitch black outside. You'd be confused whether it's 7:30am or 7:30pm. When I get in to work around 8:30, it looks like this:
Shortly after 10am, you can start to see the sun peeking out from beyond the horizon and the sky starts to lighten:
A little before lunch is about as bright as it will get - which is nice because you can enjoy the sunlight from home instead of work! It doesn't get much higher than this, but it's starting to peek up more - sometimes over the power line!
It doesn't last too long though, and shortly after lunch, at around 1pm it's moved west and the sky is starting to get a little darker.
Finally, around 2:30-3ish, it starts to set (and it sets pretty quickly) and the "day" is over.

By 4pm it is dark outside and the cycle starts anew. I have to remember to leave my porch light on after I leave the house at lunch so that I can see the keyhole to unlock the door at 5. It's an odd thing to have to remember.

Every day the sun stays up for a few seconds/minutes longer so it's a lovely treat when the sky is clear and blue to see sunshine streaming through the windows. Can't wait to get that 24 hours a day!


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