Friday, January 18, 2013

Weather: Will It or Won't It?

The past few days have been a really strange tango of will-it-or-won't-it blizzard, which goes to show how quickly weather changes up here. It's frustrating because you don't know if you need to get up for work or not too, ha!

The blizzard warning came out on Tuesday night that Wednesday was going to be a blizzard, but when we woke up it wasn't bad outside at all. Jeff went to work, but the schools in town were closed in anticipation of the impending blizzard, so my office closed as well. Then we got the call just before lunch that schools and work was opening for the, off to work I went (much to the dismay of my puppy who was thoroughly enjoying a morning of intense snuggles).

By the time we left work, the wind was starting to pick up and the blowing snow was getting stronger. Jeff made it home just as the blizzard was starting up and went through all day yesterday and well past midnight when we went to bed. We had a nice day at home yesterday, and the puppy loved all the attenion he was getting! When we got up this morning, the wind had died down but again, the warnings were up and said the blizzard was going to die out around noon and then we'll have another one starting this evening.

Well, we've been at work all morning (after a harrowing experience of trying to get the car started. It still won't start and we had to arrange for rides and the taxi, etc.) and it looks pretty sunny and clear outside - so no blizzard this morning, even though the weather forecast still says it. Wondering if it will happen this evening...if it does, I just hope it waits until Jeff is safely home!

Blizzard days are fun once in a while, but it can really cut into productivity when the office keeps closing. Fortunately I can do some work from home, but I can see how people can get really antsy being stuck inside for days on end. We also have to be really careful about water consumption in case the blizzards last for a while and no trucks can get out (we've heard of people who haven't had water for a week because of weather, and we're terrified).

Ah, the joys of living in the north!



  1. I learned this in an emergency seminar, but 2L of water per person per day is needed!

  2. Hello thanks for all your stories. I've read your entire blog today as I am strongly considering embarking on my own journey to Nunavut. I see there is allot of valuable information for one who is seeking a greater understanding of the logistics and process of moving. I've read sooo very much about your own luxuries of fine foods and wine, but only a few sentences about the lack of affordable nutritious food for the locals. Do you think this portrays insensitivity? Perhaps self-interested blogs like this one add to the negative stigma that people who go up temporarily, take incredible amounts of government money, live in cozy homes large enough to house 3families, limit their relations to other outsiders, dont get involved with the community, and dont care to be integrated into the beautiful culture? Isnt there more to be said about the experience of being closer to nature, and developing a greater sense of community spirit through humbleness and sharing and less to be said about extravagant food hoarding? These anecdotal tales are yes heart warming for some, but consider how offensive it may be to the locals. I feel it is difficult to gain trust and respect of the people, if all that is being presented is selfish ambition. I want to go North to contribute to the greater good of the communities with an understanding of the cultural differences and a sensitivity for the Serious issues that are at hand, such as STARVATION. If you cannot afford asparagus, think of those with empty bellies please. Consider the veiwpoints of your neighbours that are born and raised in the community you know call home.

    1. Hey, Anonymous. Bravo! Your comment was so refreshing to read! You should be proud of yourself -- and based on the tone of your writing, it is clear that you are. You, with your strong moral compass and your sense of what is right and good... the entire territory should be alerted that their saviour is planning a move northward. Please, be sure to explicitly tell each person you help exactly how you're helping them and how each act of kindness is motivated by your selfless love of the community. Ooh, maybe you should start a blog yourself, so you can document your impossibly virtuous life! Please, do post a link here when you do! I look forward to reading about how you circumvent sky-high grocery prices by hunting and gathering your own food as you commune with nature in -40 weather. It will truly be an inspiration to all who live in Nunavut.

      If starting a blog isn't really your thing, perhaps you should donate your computer to a family that can't afford one -- I'm sure they'd make much better use of it than you do, troll.

  3. You, Anonymous, are on FIRE. Well done. I haven't read something that self righteous in a very, very long time. The only thing is. Well. It's … ironic that you're so concerned about insensitivity. Isn't it? For one, you throw around phrases like "community spirit" and being "closer to nature" and "empty bellies", and "STARVATION" (emphasis yours), and while I assume your condescension stems from a genuine desire to be a Good Person who does Good Deeds, you should probably know that there are ways to be concerned and knowledgeable without coming across incredibly arrogant and ignorant. I imagine that if this blog were to be updated three times a week with posts in line with your own comment, you would respond even more negatively, as I really can't imagine anyone not being offended when faced with such self-absorbed narcissism.

    If you want to speak about insensitivity, perhaps go back and read your response a few times. Note in particular how you presume to know the feelings of "the locals", how you scoff at Lily and Jeff for not communing with nature, and how you take as gospel truth that just because Lily and Jeff do not blog about Taking On Serious Issues, they are selfish. What appears on a blog does not equal an entire life, and I suggest that before you come down from that high horse of yours and enter the Real World, you should think really hard about fixing that tunnel vision of yours.

  4. Anna & Ivy, SOOOOO love those responses! haha - you go girls!

  5. Wow - got to say it - what a Jackass.