Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Sales at the Northern

I haven't talked about food cost here in Baker Lake for a while, so I thought I'd show you what sale prices are like. I grabbed the Northern's flyer from last week and scanned it to show you what are considered "good deals."

I don't know if I've been here too long, but the prices don't actually shock me like they used to when I see the flyers - some of them are actually good deals compared to regular prices. Again, just because it's on sale, doesn't mean you shouldn't look at the expiration dates! (Click on each page to make it bigger.)

You know what I really miss about flyers from home? There would always be at least a full page or more dedicated to fresh'll notice here that it's almost like an after thought. The last time we were in Winnipeg, I spent a long time walking through the produce section just to be surrounded by all that freshness and choice! If only that were the case here.

On a good shopping trip we could spend around $200 and that would get us two grocery bags of (minimal) fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, some milk, eggs, bread and maybe cheese if we're feeling sassy (At $16/brick of cheese, you better really want it!). No junk, no pre-packaged, processed foods - and that will last us just over a week.

So what do you think of these prices? Better or worse than you thought? Are you surprised? Imagine what it's like to pay non-sale prices for these items!


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  1. I am not suprised as the food issue where you are is a cause I feel inclined to pray for on a regular basis but I am more sad than suprised! I don't know how folks make ends meet up there! God bless!