Monday, January 28, 2013

Video: Baker Lake Weather

A co-worker of mine shot this great video from last Wednesday when the forecast called for a blizzard. Using a GoPro camera over the course of 45 hours, a picture was taken every 60 seconds totaling 2,752 shots. He then took those shots and made this amazing video that is under 2 minutes.

Now you can see what it looks like in Baker when winds regularly exceed 80 km/h and the temperature was around -40. (Lots of blowing snow but beautiful sunrise/sunset and a clear enough night to see the moon rise.)



1 comment:

  1. Now that was COOL! Loved seeing the moon go across the sky and the sun rise. Plus the blowing snow. We are to get winds from 90 k - 116 km an hour over night. But not much snow to fly around this time.

    Stay warm and safe!