Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our New Addition

When we came up to Nunavut, it was just the two of us. It's always been just us, and we hadn't planned on growing our family just yet...
Showing off Auntie Jan's knitted gifts
However, the universe decided that it was time our family grew...
Meet the newest member of our family, Pepper.
You can't resist me, I'm adorable!
A six month old Yorkshire Terrier, he knows he's cute and he's not afraid to exert this power over defenseless humans.
How do you say no to that face?!?
I didn't think I would ever have a dog because I've always been more of a cat person. Jeff is a dog lover through and through, having grown up with Labradors since he was little. We heard about a family looking for a home for their puppy and decided we would just meet him to see if there was a personality match...we were hooked from the moment we saw him and took him with us that very evening. Even though he's only been here for about 36 hours, he's already made himself quite at home.
There's something so endearing about seeing Big Jeff with Little Pepper :)

Playing is tiring.
Sadly, there are a lot of stories here about families who bring home animals and then can't/don't want to take care of them anymore, and as much as it breaks my heart, we can't save them all. Pepper was lucky that his owners tried to find someone to take him, but there are plenty of stories of people who just leave their animals chained up outside - never feeding them, never playing with them, leaving them there through the's a horrible, horrible thing to witness, and one of the worst things I've seen while living here.

Pepper will have a good life with us, filled with all the love we have to give, this we promise. Who knew our lives would change so drastically and unexpectedly by moving to the North?



  1. Look at your grumpy faaaaaaaaaaaaaace! I miss it. (Mom says you and Pepper look eerily similar in that sleeping-pic. She's now cackling to herself.)

  2. Ohhhhh, he is a cutie! What a lovely little guy. He will bring so much joy and laughter and a few "No Pepper" s to your life. Enjoy!

  3. It makes me sad how many times I have to try to prove I'm not a robot before it actually works;))

  4. My friends have a pepper, and bow there are two!!! Happy to hear about your new addition.

  5. Pepper is adorable!!!! :) enjoy your new pup, and stay looks crazy cold over there~

  6. oh adorable!!!! I love him! and that about chaining up animals outside makes me so so so sad. Makes me want to send you dog food. Poor little defenceless things - I am so glad for Pepper that he gets to be loved!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Jeff and Lily! It's really nice that you want to share your story about living in the far North. You're having a really nice blog with good pictures! I would like to share your blog with others as well and that's why I want to give you Liebster Blog Award. You can "pick it up" from my blog.

    With best Greetings, Nattsnakk from Norway

    1. Thanks so much for the Liebster! It's nice to know that we're reaching all the way to Norway! :)

      Thank you for the compliments on our blog and we hope you continue to read! :)