Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Northern Lights

One of the benefits of the cold weather is that it provides the perfect conditions for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) to appear. I've mentioned before that we have seen them on occasion here but they've never "danced" for us, as they originally tend to appear as streaks of light in the sky.

A co-worker recently took a series of photos one evening when he noticed the lights were particularly vibrant, and he caught an amazing show - one that is rarely seen here in Baker Lake to this extent.With his permission, I "stole" a few of his pictures to show you what is literally in our backyards.

It makes you truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds us when you see things like this.

I don't know my constellations well, but I think that's Orion's Belt in the top right corner


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  1. Those are some pretty great photos. If that's the night I think it was, I tried to get some pictures, but my aging camera (and my poor skill) couldn't get much more than a photo that looked like a toddler fingerpainted over it.