Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I was browsing the territory's website recently and noticed a section called "How can we help you?" Pretty standard, I suppose. However, this site offered drop-down menus based on "I am" or "I need" - and that's a little different...

I thought I'd share what comes up in the "I am" drop-down. There certainly are lots of options that I wasn't expecting! At first glance, I chuckled a bit since there are a few in there that surprised me. Then I started to think there must be a wide range of issues that need to be dealt with here for a list like that to be necessary. It certainly makes it easy to navigate if you are having a particular problem. Perhaps other territories/provinces should go the same route to make it extra accessible for people to find information/help.

What do you think? Any surprise you?



  1. first the list surprised me, then I thought, "Nah, this is Nunavut. I've lived here long enough to know that nothing should be should shock me anymore!"

    1. If there was a Like button here, I'd be all over your comment. That's exactly what my train of thought was as well!