Monday, March 10, 2014

Trouble on the Homefront

Pepper and I are not speaking to each other.

Well, that's not entirely accurate. I would be perfectly happy to continue our previous relationship, but he can be quite grouchy at times, and is known for holding grudges. Here's what went down recently that has him in a snit:

First, I got a call over the weekend from the guardhouse (loyal viewers will recall the ridiculous lengths I went through to qualify for the job) looking for extra coverage. Being that I hadn't worked there in months, I took the shift - a lovely 8pm - 4am job. It was reasonably quiet, and having walked to work, I wisely decided not to wake Lily and walked back.

That was the easy part.

As I opened the door to our house, I was greeted by the animated barking of Pepper, so my initial idea of not waking Lily was out the window. It was the type of bark where a dog chokes sometimes because they are so angry/ferocious. Mind you, he didn't come downstairs, but waited at the top (also not conducive to not waking my sleeping wife) and continued barking until he heard me calling his name. He finally came down, but instead of wagging his tail and coming to say hi as he usually does, he sat on the couch, and issued one last quieter bark, which he tends to do when he's pissed off at something; in this case, me, for waking him up, and disappointing him when he realized the intruder he was going to save Lily from wasn't actually an intruder.

So, he's annoyed at me for disturbing his beauty rest and thwarting his attempts at being a hero to Mommy. Fine.

Today, I decided since it was sunny out and one of the warmer days in recent memory (our idea of warm has really changed - today was only -30!) it would be a good day for a walk. I figured since Pepper hadn't been on a walk in months, and since he's peed everywhere conceivable in the house, he would enjoy some fresh air and new things to pee on.

Apparently, I was wrong on that score as well. When we came in after a measly five minutes outside, he immediately ran upstairs to see Lily, and ran away anytime I came near him. Granted, Lily is far and away his favourite of parents, but still, he's being unusually distant, and I guess I understand why. Unfortunately, we can't have a discussion to air our differences, as I believe all he chooses to understand are the words "Pepper", "treat", and "shake". There are a few others, but none that would help me convey my appreciation for why his feelings are hurt.

I guess I'll have to rely on the treat method. Shame it doesn't work as well on Lily. :-)


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  1. i think i speak for the tribe of followers when i say, we'd love to "hear" more from you Jefferson!
    pics? tour of the neighbourhood? interviews with the friends you've made and their stories? :)