Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day, but also...

It's been said that every second with someone you love is precious. I agree with that statement, although it's hard to believe Lily and I are approaching 32 million of them together with each other. Today marks the first anniversary of Lily and I tying the knot, which is outstanding, both because it seems like last month that it happened, and more importantly, that we've managed to remain moderately sane while so distant from close friends and family.

It certainly doesn't feel like it was a whole year ago. Conversely, we've had Pepper for just over a month, but we can't believe it's only been that long. Somehow, time behaves differently up here. I'm sure the seasons of near-constant daylight/darkness are to blame for part of it.

For anyone looking to truly understand their partner, I'd recommend seven months in the Canadian Arctic. A little extreme, granted, but the effect has been enlightening. We make more time for each other, talk to each other more, and generally appreciate each other more, because we're all we've got. Now that we have Pepper, we find ourselves sharing our love for each other with a pint-sized creature, and that too has been a wonderful opportunity to grow more in love with each other. I made a comment during my wedding speech that sums up our experience. For those of you who weren't at "the best wedding ever"1, here is an approximation of my speech:
"People say that one's wedding day is the happiest moment of their lives, but this worries me slightly, because it implies that after today, there is a lifelong decline. My goal is to grow more in love with Lily every day, so that when we look back on our wedding day, we'll realize it was the day we loved each other the least."
Lily has only left me speechless on two occasions. The first was at our matron-of-honour Tori's house for her birthday, and though I won't repeat what she said here, I knew the instant I heard it this was the woman for me. The second time reinforced that opinion, as it happened when I turned around at the church and saw her in her wedding gown for the first time. She was radiant, and again, I found myself at a loss for words.

I recall the advice my Dad's father gave my mother on their wedding day. He said, "The first year is ****. If you can make it through that, you'll be fine." It looks like we're a little closer to realizing that goal. I love you, Lily. Happy Anniversary. And Happy Family Day, too. xoxo

1. Everyone, Jeff & Lily's Wedding. Oakville: Oakville Convention Centre, 2012.


  1. Beautiful Jeff. Love to you both.
    Aunt Jan.

  2. Alright, this is absolutely my last try. My computer/internet is giving me all kinds of crap, and won't let me do much of anything. If you got this comment three or four times, I'm sorry!

    I moved up to Baker Lake at the start of November (and went home for a weeks to get married, returning sans wife, sadly, in January).

    I'm not really an outgoing sort of person. However, after having read over the last couple of a days a number of your posts from July right up to this morning's (obviously), I thought I'd leave a comment.

    Both of you seem like very down-to-earth folks (if the writing is any indication, anyway), and I'd happily trade cooking a meal for three for some conversation and a bit of company.

    Apologies if this seems a bit weird (or even very, very weird). Figured I'd give it a shot.

    I can be reached at ffenliv at gmail com

  3. Jeff and Lily, Such lovely humans, and their new puppy...

    I'm so glad you've embarked on this journey together, for I can only imagine what such close quarters could do to some... and love being true, as it is... it has strengthened your bond. I'm so very proud of you both and your personal adventures, accomplishments, and eternally romantic love for each other. Its beautiful. *wipes a little tear*

    seriously... i have a tear. Congratulations on a year. :)