Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pepper: The Arctic Puppy Supermodel

Pepper's clothes, food, vitamins, etc. finally arrived this week and I was so excited to pick it all up from the post office and bring it all home! I had visions of suiting him up and taking him for a walk since it wasn't that cold, and we were going to have a grand old time!

Unfortunately the parka, even though it was the smallest size available, is huge on him. The booties aren't even negotiable - he will not wear them no matter how hard we try. His ankles are too skinny (that's a problem I wouldn't mind having!) so they keep slipping off. They'll have to be returned and hopefully I can find something else for him. I've been eyeing a snowsuit...

Everything else looks good on him though! He didn't love getting dressed, but once it was on him he didn't even notice it was there. So, without further ado, here's our little Zoolander showing off his new dapper duds!

This one was a gift from his previous owners  - very Arctic looking!

My fave - Martha Stewart makes good-lookin' puppy clothes! 

Reversible - blue is fleece and the other side is water-repellent black

I call this the Furberry turtleneck - super thick to keep him super warm.

Looking at that face instantly makes me happy. Hope he made you smile today too! :)



  1. Hello! (Nicks gf here)
    Loving the function and fashion he's sporting!
    As for his feet... have you tried the baloon booties? I've got 2 shih tzus and my sister has a Yokie and they work amazing. They fit their tiny feet and ankles and give them tons of grip.

    Here are the ones i buy:

    Hope that helps!

    1. I've been trying to find them for cheap!! They are on for almost $25/pair and the cheaper option is but they're out of stock in Pepper's size.

  2. oh oh oh!!! SOOO cute. I tried booties on Odie once...didn't like them either BUT..try elastics? It would be fine for a quick jaunt outside!

  3. Awww he is too cute thanks for sharing your adorable pup with us :)