Friday, February 8, 2013

How the tables have turned!

Thinking of our family and friends today as they are battling a storm in the GTA that predicts up to 40cm of snow in some areas by the end of the day! The good thing about being here is that I haven't really seen massive amounts of snowfall at a time. There's a lot of snow after the blowing stops, and the drifts can be taller than buildings, especially after the plows push them up - but the amount that falls at any given time isn't a lot at once.

I feel like the tables have turned today and I'm actually glad to be in Nunavut with our weather today as Ontario digs itself out through the crazy snow. If you have to be out on the roads and take your time! It's cold here -54 with the wind chill, and the wind is definitely blowing, but at least it is sunny clear out.

My nice view this morning!

Stay safe!

1 comment:

  1. -54. *shudder*

    The snow was hilarious, but as I'm sure you know... nothing like you guys get!! Orangeville is consistently in a snow belt... so while the GTA has a balmy -5, we have -13 or something and it never went above 0... so their snow melts and we're still digging out.

    After that storm, I was all excited because I'd heard it would be +5, so it would all melt. Yeah, it was +5 for about an hour and a half, and made a minor dent in our snow pile. I truly am happy it didn't melt away, as I want it to stay for the spring thaw... BUT it doesn't negate that fact that I was waiting for my driveway to melt. ;) Aaaaaaaaaand it never did. *shakes fist*