Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun(ny) Blog Stats

The site we host our blog on allows us to track stats as to where our readers come from, what posts are popular, what search keywords people use to find us, etc. It's a handy tool to see what the most interesting posts are, so we can write more things that apparently interest everyone.

What I didn't realize was how entertained I would be by reading what searches we show up under when people type things into search engines. There are lots of searches for things like "Nunavut blog 2013" or "blizzards in Nunavut" etc., but there are some that make me laugh (with glee) because our zaniness is apparently out there for the world to see. A few of my top favourite wacky ones include:

"ninja hug attack"
"Nunavut puns"
"cheese Nunavut price"
"driving to Nunavut" <--- you can't, by the way, not on roads anyway - you could drive a snowmobile between certain communities in the winter, but I'm not sure that's entirely safe/recommended.

It's also really neat to see where our readers come from, aside from Canada and the United States, we have lots of readers from across the globe (Germany, France, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, China and Bangladesh to name just a few)! 

Considering this blog was started with no plan other than keeping our friends and family in the loop that we didn't freeze and weren't starving, it's exciting to see that our experiences are reaching out to other people. We're so glad to share our time in Nunavut with the world. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thats so cool! I appreciate your blog from the far away land of Nunavut,a place that God has put on my heart to pray for and I believe I will someday visit that far away place! Blessings!
    Amy from Pennsylvania USA

  2. I remember seeing some pretty interesting search queries come up as well when I was running my Nunavut blog. One of my favorites was "how to spell Nunavit" or something like that. I think there has been a lot of interest in Nunavut since its creation which is great to see. I still the occasional comment on my Nunavut blog from posts I wrote 6 of 7 years ago.

  3. hi from Michigan!