Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Sale at the Co-Op

As I've mentioned before, the Co-Op used to offer more fruits and vegetables that were in better condition than the Northern, but there's been a noticeable decline in the past couple of months - to the point where we hardly go there anymore. One time we went, and the store was in such neglect that there were visibly mouldy bags of shredded cheese in the cooler and bags of fruit that were so past their edible date that they leaked onto the floor in a big brown puddle (ick).

Their prices have also gone up fairly significantly in the past little bit as well. When we first got here, bagged salad kits were $3 and now they're anywhere from $6 to $8. They've also stopped putting price tags on their produce so you're not quite sure how much something is until you get to the till. I was very excited to see Asian Pears the other day and thought as a treat for Lunar New Year, I'd buy one so we could share it. Unfortunately I wasn't man enough to pay $3 for one (not very large) pear, so that went back on the shelf!

When you don't have much choice in terms of shopping options, it still helps to do price comparisons for items. Although not as fancy as the Northern's, here's the flyer from the Co-Op from last week. We bought the apples and although they are very small, they are still pretty good and crisp.

Looking at this flyer makes me pretty thankful we stocked up on toilet paper before we came up though - pretty sure we paid no more than $0.16 per roll, and this sale brings it to an astonishing $0.71 each! You don't even want to know what the cost is when it's full price. So next time you're at the store and you're looking through your flyers, think of us and be glad you're not paying 4x as much!



  1. Just for fun I'm going to write down these prices and compare in my store.
    Hang in there! Does food travel up to you well in packages? And did the jam jar break in travel. Meant to ask sooner. And stale date alert. I went to use my sweetened condensed milk and it is stale dated for Feb 2013. Yours may be as well.
    So enjoying your blogs.

  2. I can't stop laughing at the $16 dollar Tang. I'm sorry.... Tang makes me laugh to begin with (oh my spoiled southern ontario snobbery) but I personally don't like it, to think of spending $16 on it, makes me cringe. I am sure, if I had a kid who felt it was their favourite thing I'd pay it, which is the part that makes me cringe.

    There must be something the government can do to help out people in remote areas of Canada? Is there a link you have on this sort of activism? Where can I go to look? How do they expect anyone to be able to eat?? I have to ask... is that the same for families from within the province, as it is for those from out of province? I know in some areas of the world, the prices vary based on birth location. (I apologize if I am offending anyone, I am curious if this is a hike in prices by the stores on purpose, who sell cheaper to those from the area)