Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baker Lake Cardboard Boat Race

Have you ever heard of a cardboard boat race? I had no idea events like these existed, but apparently it's a "thing" because I'm the only person who's never heard of it. I must live under a rock! Either way, I was able to witness my first one recently - and I have to say, it was highly entertaining!

The rules were pretty simple: your boat had to be 6 feet by 2 feet and made of nothing but cardboard and duct tape. Participants had to be wearing life jackets and could not be younger than 16. That's it! The design and the rest of it was up to your imagination. It was held at the "graveyard lake" which is a small-ish lake up past the snow fence. The first day they tried to hold it, it was too windy so they had to postpone it to another day. It was still pretty windy on actual race-day, but they still went ahead with it!

Graveyard Lake
There were 4 boats that came to the lake, but only 3 actually went across; the 4th was too short on the sides, and the water started to come up the sides, so they didn't attempt the crossing. 

Getting ready to go into the water

On your mark, get set...GO!

The winner!

Pulling the boat on shore (everyone was pretty wet by the end, and that water was COLD!):

Super fun to watch and everyone had a good time - what more could you ask for on a Friday evening?


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