Friday, August 16, 2013

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Working at the Northern has brought back long-forgotten memories of my days at Business Depot and Sporting Life. One of the aspects that has long been a thorn in my side is the issue of music. Studies have shown that the music that shoppers respond to best (and by respond, I of course mean buy more stuff) is elevator muzak - remakes of top 40 songs with all the words removed. Unfortunately, those same studies proved that after a month or so, employees were driven insane listening to it over and over.

The happy medium most stores choose is either a set play list of thirty to forty songs, or tune into a local radio station. The latter option is not ideal for Baker Lake, given that the local station mixes 80's gospel music with updates of goings-on in Inuktitut, the local language here. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's not conducive to shopping, for the most part. Here, we play one of four CDs, apparently made by one of the manager's wives, and it includes classic rock and top 40, and one or two gems from the 40's. Even with four CD's, the music becomes repetitious after a while, such that I can sing some of them from memory now.

One of them is Bob Seger's classic, "Night Moves". I really like when I hear it, because it reminds me of Dean. He in turn reminds me of his girlfriend. Both of them remind me of our good friends, Dave, Jen, Damien and Lynn, and the hilarity that ensued at their cottage several years running. I miss those moments, and it's one of the few times in any given day that I really miss being in Ontario, knowing all of the great times with friends and family that we're missing. Babies are turning into toddlers, toddlers into young children, and so on. When we come back in the fall, we have so much to catch up on, and so many people to re-connect with, it will be hard to find time to just enjoy the vacation. Don't worry - we will find a way.

Lily booked our flights today, and the realization that we are coming home in a few short weeks is starting to sink in. (It's a great feeling) Anyway, I think I might burn a 5th CD with my own mix. Bob Seger will be on there, along with Raffi, Apollo Four-Forty, maybe some Beach Boys and a song or two by everyone's favourite soft rock artist, Eminem.

Until September, then!


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