Monday, August 19, 2013

Random August Thoughts

I don't have any coherent thoughts for a post today, so I'm just going to write a list of random things that are currently on my mind.

  1. I really like the above picture that my co-worker took. It shows off our beautiful lake on a beautiful day. I've mentioned before that it's hard to remember images like these once the snow/ice settle in, so I'm trying to absorb as much of it as I possibly can.
  2. Speaking of snow, it's definitely coming soon. Grise Fiord, one of the most northerly communities in Nunavut, was under a snowfall warning yesterday and it was expected to have about 25cm by this afternoon. (Eek) I have been checking Baker Lake's long term forecast and there is a chance of rain/snow showers at the end of the month. I guess summer really is ending soon!
  3. Jeff mentioned that I booked our flights home, and it's a good feeling to have this anticipation and excitement to look forward to. It will be strange to come back to a significant amount of snow on the ground when we come back to Baker, so we're going to have to pack for two different seasons. 
  4. It's stressful trying to figure out our time while we're home; we need to book some appointments, see a lot of people, enjoy a couple of's a lot to fit in! Also, I didn't realize how expensive renting a car for the time we're home would be, but I think I have that figured out now. It's never-ending, but I'm not going to complain because at the end of the day - we're coming home! :)
  5. I'm also worried about Pepper since he's not a good flyer, but we're also going to get him in to see the vets when they come here in September and get him fixed. The only problem is that we're scheduled to fly out at the end of the first week they're in so I'm worried he won't be fully healed. (Though all research that I've come across has indicated that he should be ok after 2-3 days and we're not flying until the 4th day)...this of course hinges on the vets coming in to town on time, and being able to get him in right away. So much left unknown!
  6. Speaking of Pepper, his hair is getting really long and I don't want to cut it myself, so we've found an alternative: chip clips. I know, I know. Not an actual "doggy barrette" but hey, it does the job and gets the hair out of his eyes.  
  7. It's nice to have all the neighbours/friends back from their summer holidays. The past couple of months have been quiet without them!
  8. I'm also really looking forward to Jeff working less now that vacation relief at his work is dwindling down and that means we can spend more time together. Pepper and I miss him!
  9. It's been really windy the past week or so and the sounds remind me of blizzards in the winter. Brr.
  10. I'm really, really, reaaaaaaallllllly looking forward to seeing everyone when we come home. Really!!

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